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Web Usability Study.  A Demo. 

Sparkie the Mouse

Web Usability Study - Why do people back-click out of a web site?  Do people get confused and frustrated when trying to find information on your web site?  A web page has only a few seconds to gain a person's share of mind in web time.  If a person cannot find what s/he wants, how many seconds before your page is lost by a click that takes the visitor back to the portal that listed your site with that of competitors?

Without creating the tunnel vision effect of some of the other examples shown on this site, it is possible to trace mouse movements within a single Web page in real time, allowing the usability engineer to find confusing spots within a page. 

This example asks people to find information within a single web page.  We can observe levels of confusion as people move the mouse toward one link and then another.  We can also observe when people show the same pattern of movement if they mistakenly click the wrong link.  This demo prints data to a side bar.



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